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     Web marketing is a set of strategies, which presents a number of advantages, like, for exemple, lower costs compared with the costs of conventional advertising, statistics at hand, easily obtained without high costs, but, also, a number of limitations. Web marketing requires the use of new technologies, slow Internet connections can be a serious impediment, the customers rezerve to buy products that cannot be "felt, touched, tasted".

      We are SEO specialists and our web marketing services are centered, mainly, on search engine optimization. SEO, in very simplistic terms, means to try to get a quote as high as possible, for keywords or keyphrases with higher search frequency in the search engines.

     Our experience so far has shown that a high rating in search engines can provide the most productive traffic for a web site.

     One of the most important elements in the process of listing as high as possible in search engines is what knew as the "backlinks". If another website links to your website, this is seen as a "vote of confidence" in the search engines. The more backlinks, the higher the rating is. Very important is, also, the rank of the site witch links to us; if the rating is high, we will also be better "seen" by the search engines.

     One of the main purposes of Web site marketing is to get traffic for a website.

     Our SEO services are focused on search engines keywords research, that would lead to an optimal quote, meta-tag research for search engine optimization quote, creation of content and / or recommendations for existing or proposed content. Adding / readding / listing on major search engines, tracking quotes obtained for various keywords used, reporting regularly to the clients of the values of these quotes in the search engines, are some aspects of the service offered by our company.

     We are able to offer advice and most suitable solutions to get as many visitors as possible to your web. From these visitors will detach your business customers.

                                                                                                        Prices for SEO

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