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     Web design and web development means, usually, to create web sites, from the very structure and interface, until the final programming operation and introduction of data (images, text, files and other elements), witch makes the content of the web site. The entire process of web design is divided in two steps: front-end development and back-end development. First step – the front-end development – is about the development of the visible part of the web site or web application (the part seen by the user). This means the transformation of the design into a full functional interface, creating an interface with the user and implement functionalities to the client level. The last step – the back-end development – refers to everything that the user cannot see. The developers of this section have the purpose to make the site function fast and well.

     Well done front-end

     First and most important step when starts the development of the front-end part for a web site is to chose the most suitable programming language for your business. But there is one mistake often made, in order to simplify the work, and it refers to the use of different tools that automatically generates the HTML and CSS code. There are many disadvantages for this procedure:
     • automatically generating a code, it will be very difficult to maintain and modify it;
     • the pages will not have a suitable format requested by the optimization for the search engines;
     • always exists the possibility to occur inadvertences to the display mode of the web pages in different web navigators (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.)

     Extendible back-end

     The whole back-end activity of our company is centered on the easiest way to extend - and that is why we use our own framework for content management, witch helps allot to increase the development speed of the applications. Regardless of the type of the web site, this will be made to bear in mind the optimization for the search engines and the personalized graphic according to the existing image of the company that contracted the web site (if necessary).
     Also, the specialists from our company will bring to the attention of our clients if some of the aspects from the descriptions and technical specifications of the web site will create a conflict with the optimizations techniques for the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc). The client will then be able to make a fully aware decision about keeping or loosing that part of his request.

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