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Custom web applications

     - content management systems;
      - online catalogue;
      - complex portal with self-contained management system;
      - site management module, dedicated to those who intend to make frequent changes to the web site content, without a programmers assistance;
      - on-line shops;
      - data base management systems;
      - forums;
      - customers management systems;
      - news module, etc.


     Self management
     Besides the fact that, web applications make the transition from the old web site, static and dull, to the contemporary dynamic website, interacting with the user, it appears another great advantage: the possibility to self manage the web site, with the changes made directly from the administration panel and displayed in real time, without upload it manually from the computer to the server.

     A standard website (html, flash, etc) is dependent from it's designer for every change in his structure or content. A dynamic web application, through a simple login in the administration panel, gives the possibility to make any change, with only few clicks, and web management can be made from any location, in or outside the country.

    Investing in a web application justify the "risk" of a higher cost for achieve it. Other costs are reduced - there is no need for many employees to manage the website content, there is no need to have a space for such activity - no rent expenses. Virtualy, the only costs are for the hosting, an amount between 15 and 100 euro/year, depending on de hosting space size.

     No opening hours, no frontiers
      Your products and services will be visible 24/24, not only in Romania, but also on the international market.
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