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     SEO search engine optimization is a relatively new category of IT services on the webmasters agenda, introduced around 1990, almost in the same time with the first web sites. Due to this novelty of the concept, we have seen that few are those who really understand what SEO means. That is why we consider necessary to bring some clarifications to this web related service that our company proposes to the customers..
     SEO represents, practically, a subcategory of the on-line marketing and includes all techniques trough witch a web site is brought to an optimized form that propel it as high as possible in the result list of a search engine (GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, etc), for different keywords. The simple existence of a web site means nothing if the site is not "visible" on the internet, in such manner that it could attract as many visitors as possible, from witch the customers of that business will detach. In the process of obtaining the best position in a search engine for our client's web site, our company proposes an approach based on results. Our methods of search engine optimization are various, selected in accordance with the identity and specific of each business and with very good results on the web site domain..

   Our  SEO service package includes following a few essential steps.
     STEP 1: Analyze and Research
          1. Research of the keywords
          2. Customer's web site analysis
          3. Competition's web sites analysis
          4. Statistic analysis
    STEP 2: On -site optimization
          1. Tags (title)
          2. Meta tags
          3. Alt tags on images
          4. Text formatting (headings, bold, italic)
          5. HTML validation/ Code without errors
          6. Robots.txt file
          7. Site map design
     STEP 3: Optimized content
     STEP 4: Linking
          1. Internal links
          2. External links
          3. Inbound links (IBL)
     STEP 5: Site design
     STEP 6: Submission
          1. Search engine submission
          2. Directory submission
     STEP 7: Results monitoring

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