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Iasi, Romania
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   Web application - school management
   Web application for school management, school records. Software dedicated to educational institutions. Usefull for parents including, for tracking online school situation of their children.

   Remuneration for ONG-uri
   IT application dedicated to institutions that activateproject- based, centralized per employee, health statements, unemployment, ITM, cas, etc.

     Pawnshop management
    IT application for pawnshop management, clear contracts, specific operations for pawnshops, consignment arrangements, registers, etc.

     Accounting (private and public institutions)
   Financial and accounting IT applications for private and public institutions(budget items, authorization, etc.)

     Remuneration (private and public institutions)
    IT Application intended for public and private institutions management payroll (including health declaration, unemployment, ITM, CAS)

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Phone: 0332/462132
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